¡Bienvenidos! Si te encuentras en esta página, es porque quieres aprender de la cultura hispanoblante. Nuestra clase de espanol va a publicar una wikipagina sobre varios elementos de cultura en paises hispanoblantes, y ustedes son los autores!

Van a publicar las partes de sus proyectos de cultura en las siguientes fechas:

*Changes have been made to the project, they include:
-Due dates (see below)

-Comentarios will no longer be graded at each phase of the project, but included as part of a final participation grade at the end of the project. In other words, you should make some comments on the work of each group as we go along to show that you have been reading/ following along.

-For all remaining parts of the project a final version of all postings (other than comments) should be printed out, stapled to the grading rubric, and brought to class to hand in to Sr. Tatham on the due date. This printout will be graded and returned. The posting on the page should be identical to the document handed in in class; it should be posted by the due date for others to read and comment on.

1) Autobiografía personal- una descripcion de ti, y tu vida- terminado

2) Comentarios sobre las autobiografías de tus compañeros de clase- terminado

3) Fotos y capciones relacionados con tu pais y topico de cultura- 2/8/2012

4) Un reportaje de audio o video grabado por tu grupo- 2/22/2012

5) Ensayos sobre tu pais y topico de cultura- 3/8/2012

  1. Introduction
a. Opening hook
b. Thesis (your opinion)
c. Preview of your argument (3 things)

Gramática y ortografia
Correct use of verbs, correct spelling and acentuation. Uses voice appropriately (not switching verb tenses at uneccesary times)
Fluidez y fluencia
Correct sentence structure, use of prepositions, appropriate vocabulary, and well communicated main ideas.
Cantidad y organizacion
At least 1 well-developed paragraph with a thesis, mention of three supporting ideas, and conclusion sentence. Did you complete your outline/ main idea sheet?
Essay uses at least one relevant resource cited to support writing about topic.
Esfuerzo y expresion

Did you do more than the bare minimum to be expressive in Spanish and complete the assignment as indicated
1 2 3
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 2 3 4 5
(x2)= /50pts